Family Engagement Officer (FEO)

Dear Parents and Carers,

I write to inform you that, following a successful application, Mrs John has been offered a pastoral officer role at Haverfordwest High School. She will begin the role following the half-term break. However, she will remain with us on a Tuesday morning during the next half-term to help run the FACE project. Whilst we will be sad to see Mrs John leave Hook School, we wish her well in her new role – congratulations!

Consequently, I am pleased to announce that Mrs Rachel Rees will take over the role following the half-term break. Mrs Rees will continue to complete the FEO role every Tuesday. Her role will involve a variety of duties, all of which will include working with families and pupils to further strengthen the links between them.

Following the half-term break, Mrs Rees will share more information about how she can support you and your child/ren and how you can contact her should you need her support/guidance.

Warm regards,

Mr A Davies