Dosbarth Dolffin

Croseo i Dosbarth Dolffin!

The class teacher is Mrs Callan. The LSA supporting the class is Mrs Oriel. We also have two classroom helpers that work different days; these are Mrs Ramsey and Mrs John. Mr Davies teaches our class on a Tuesday and Friday.

Our topic this term is People Who Help Us.

We look forward to looking at the roles of people who help us in our everyday lives and in our community. We plan to invite visitors into our class such as a firefighter, police man, postman, nurse and even an engineer. Pupils will have first-hand experiences of asking and answering questions from these role models while having a talk about their uniforms, vehicles and what’s involved in their day. We are excited to go on an educational visit to Tenby Lifeboat Station also. 

In Dosbarth Dolffin, the classroom environment is set up to engage and enhance learning through immersing in language by dressing up and playing with puppets in the doctor’s role-play area. We will develop our numeracy skills when delivering letters as a postman and using our digital skills to create pictures of people who help us on HWB using the J2e tools. 

We use the outdoors as much as possible. We have enjoyed creating healthy balanced meals for PC Pip using natural materials and paper plates in the garden. 

We are fortunate to have access to an outside area directly outside our classroom. Here, pupils have created a fire engine using large construction materials and used the water resources to put out fires!

Important Information:

P.E lessons –

  • every Friday morning – please can pupils wear kit to school


  • Please try to read with your child most nights – please sign the reading record when you do

If you require more information or would like to discuss any matters in more detail, please email me at: